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2017AW Fashion Trend Report

2017AW Fashion
Trend Report
Summer is still here but don't forget that fall is almost there also.
Find your 2017AW wordrobe collection from
GUCCI,Louis Vuitton,PRADA ,BALENCIAGA ,Berluti
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GUCCI sneakers
One of the largest luxury brands from Italy since 1921,GUCCI.GUCCI is now very keen to catch the trend by Alessandro Michele and specialize in the unique collaborations such asGUCCI GHOST,GUCCI GARDEN.They also love featuring with Japanese designers and constantly release the Japanese limited edition. GUCCI is of course not only famous for the unique collaborations now, but their classic models,GG Marmont,Dionysus,Soho,Sylvie,andLady Web,are always on the wish list for all women in the world. We wanna strongly say, now, GUCCI has come back to 80's and they wanna paint the world in that way.
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Louis Vuitton scarves
Louis Vuitton wallets
Louis Vuitton boots
Louis Vuitton bags
Louis Vuitton
French fashion house Louis Vuitton began designing lightweight, flat-bottomed trunks in Paris (1854), and today represents a billion-dollar market of high-end luxury leather goods, RTW, accessories and more. In an effort to fend off continuous counterfeiting, Louis Vuitton changed the trunk’s pattern many times. But it was in 1896 that his son, Georges Vuitton, designed the brand’s trademark LV Monogram Canvas––a combination of graphic L’s and V’s, flowers, and quatrefoils––which grew to become internationally synonymous with luxury. The repetition of this monogram evokes a comforting familiarity and makes the brand's collaborations (e.g., with artists Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Rei Kawakubo, Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Marc Newson, Karl Lagerfeld, Frank Gehry...) which disrupt this consistency, even more rare and special pieces of design.
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PRADA flats
PRADA bags
PRADA wallets
PRADA heel
Prada––originally founded as Fratelli Prada (“Prada Brothers”) in Milan (1913) by brothers Mario and Martino Prada––began its business selling small leather goods. Miuccia Prada later, in 1978, inherited the family business and started working with [now husband] Patrizio Bertelli as her business manager to grow the name on an international level. Miuccia’s creative vision and the family’s long history of leather craftsmanship combine to create one of the world's ultimate influential luxury fashion houses. Prada’s fame has grown tremendously over the years—its minimalist, sleek cuts, simple colors, geometric retro patterns, rich fabrics, and a modest mix of past and present, bring the brand into the top tier of the fashion industry. Beyond her outstanding creative vision, Miuccia adds meaningfulness and functionality into her designs, using her collections to tell stories and act as social commentary.
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French fashion house Balenciaga, founded in 1919 by Cristóbal Balenciaga, has long stood at the forefront of fashion with its continual redefining of modern day trends and reshaping of couture. With each new Artistic Director comes a contemporary take on silhouette, material, and character, but the overall Balenciaga vision remains joltingly edgy and elegant. With the latest lineup of Artistic Directors: Nicolas Ghesquiere (1997-2012), Alexander Wang (2012-15), and now Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, the House carries forward with its avant-garde aesthetics—such as Gvasalia’s off-the-shoulder down jackets paired with stiletto heels and stirrup ski pants. Balenciaga is one label that is able to push these boundary lines and have us consistently reevaluating what we find appealing.
Men’s luxury Parisian shoe brand, Berluti, has been producing elegant, timeless craftsmanship since 1895 when it was founded by Alessandro Berluti. Inspired by architectural forms and focusing on clean lines and fine details—Berluti produces products of classic perfection. But this family-run business also fearlessly pursues artistic boldness, appealing to the likes of many famous figures through time, such as Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld. Today’s Berluti is not only known for its bespoke fine leather shoes and bags, but its RTW and accessories bring it also to the forefront of menswear.
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