Shop Louis Vuitton’s Fall for You Collection

Shop Louis Vuitton’s Fall for You Collection
If there’s one thing Louis Vuitton does well, it’s surprise us all with its new collections. This line, however, takes a turn towards the brand’s heritage with classic monograms and purposeful tailoring. Although on the more traditional side, its modern edge makes an appearance in sporty footwear and blazers. No matter where you’re headed, you can count on Louis Vuitton’s Fall for You collection to take you there in style.


If you’re a fan of the luxury brand’s iconic monogram accessories, then you’ll adore its latest bags. With classic silhouettes in an everyday color palette, finding the perfect everyday handbag is within arms reach. Not to mention, there are plenty of sizes to go around—from the sleekest of wallets to a hoarder’s favorite tote bag.

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While neutral tones are taking the center stage of this collection, you can still expect to find a little color. With bright parkas and tailored staples amongst the brand’s traditional pieces, it’s certainly easy to mix and match your favorites. Gathering an ideal balanced ensemble is a breeze with all of the available diverse and versatile pieces.

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Footwear is undeniably one of the most interesting categories of this collection. Pairing rubber mules with slingback pumps, the line offers a wide range of shoe options for every wardrobe. Not to mention, Louis Vuitton makes a bold statement yet again with its iconic Archlight sneakers, bringing more of its infamous sport style.

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Accessories are no different than any other piece in this collection. With a generous array of hats, jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses, finishing off your favorite ensembles isn’t much of a challenge. More importantly, the available pieces offer a fair mix of styles to suit your personal taste and put together a spectacular outfit.

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