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Korean Fashion and Streetwear Brands

Korean Fashion & Streetwear Brands
Explore designer Korean fashion and streetwear brands for men and women online at Buyma. Shop the exclusive Korean style you love, at the most affordable prices, plus Free Shipping.

MLB Korea

MLB Korea is known for many things, but its accessories in particular have sparked major attention from fans around the globe. After popular Korean celebrities were spotted wearing the brand’s hats, it was soon obvious their popularity would grow. Not to mention, idol group AESPA were featured in the brand’s campaign, attracting fans and consumers alike. While the brand doesn’t need household names to uplift its collections, its releases continue to blow the market away in awe. From one piece to the next, it’s clear why stars show interest in being affiliated with this growing label.

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Mardi Mercredi

As an increasingly popular brand, Mardi Mercredi is an international sensation to keep an eye on. K-Pop stars such as IU and RedVelvet have been seen wearing its pieces, sharing their love for the brand on social media. Naturally, K-Pop fans not only in Korea, but all over the world began tuning in. While suitable for the unisex sector, the label has speciially attracted the attention of Korean women after famous actress, Kim Go-eun wore pieces in the drama Yumi’s Cells. With a growing track record in the media like this, Mardi Mercredi’s reputation isn’t expected to die down anytime soon.

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Over the past couple of years, athleisure has grown as an independent sector in the fashion industry like no other. NERDY in particular has drawn attention to their two-piece sets and sneakers, further uplifting the utility of street style for everyday wear.

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Affordable luxury has recently grown in popularity as many race to build a unique capsule wardrobe. But when it comes to enhanced basics, AJO AJOBYAJO takes the cake in street tops with its artistic sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees.

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If there’s one brand in the market that triumphs basics in street wear, it’s undoubtedly COVERNAT. With timeless colors and silhouettes in sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees, building your ideal go-to wardrobe is effortlessly exciting.

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Just as the name suggests, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC offers its fans a world of stylish adventure. Popular in sweatshirts and hoodies for the upcoming season, the brand’s all-year-round appeal is the perfect addition for the adventurous at heart.

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The global popularization of Korean culture has increased the popularity of Seoul-based clothing brands, spreading the country’s fashion sensibilities to a global audience. In recent years Korean fashion brands have commanded international attention, with some brands gracing fashion week runways and being worn by international celebreties. Korean streetwear, in particular, continues to gain traction, with people around the world drawn to its unique range of aesthetics.

Korean brands are known for their contemporary edge and street style, which often features bold colors and interesting prints. However, there are also upscale luxury brands that cater to a more sophisticated taste.

From modern contemporary fashion brands like MLB Korea, Mardi Mercredi and COVERNAT, to Korean streetwear brands like Nerdy, Gentle Monster, and AJO AJOYAJO, Korean style is now more accessible than ever before. And thanks to online reseller marketplaces like Buyma, you can shop these coveted brands at lower prices no matter where you live in the world.

So whether you’re looking for cutting-edge Korean streetwear or more upscale Korean style, there’s sure to be a Korean fashion brand that catches your eye on Buyma.

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